Expert Opinions

  • Trevor Woods Elite Triathlete & Exercise Physiologist

    "As an athlete with close to 30 years of training and competing I’m well aware of the need to optimise recovery if I want to maximise performance. The Air Relax system provides a quick and easy to u..." Read More

  • Susie Cheetham Professional Triathlete & IRONMAN Champion Brazil

    "I started the 2017 triathlon season on a bit of a mission. I had to start the process of qualification from scratch in January. I knew it was going to take a lot out of my body and started looking ..." Read More

  • Laura Siddall Professional Triathlete IRONMAN Champion Australia

    "As a global athlete, who spends most of her time living out of a suitcase, it's hard to sometimes find trusted and respected massage therapists in each new place I stay. Therefore having the Air Re..." Read More

  • Patrik Nilsson Professional Triathlete 4 time IM champion - 7.49:18h IM record

    "Air Relax helps me to recover after a +30h training week and makes sure I am recovered before my next training session. Never has compression been so helpful when recovery is everything before the ..." Read More

  • Eero Kilpeläinen Professional Ice Hockey Player

    "I play professional ice hockey as a goalie for Örebro Hockey in the Swedish elite league, SHL. I wanted to maximize my recovery from training and games so I purchased Air Relax recovery system whic..." Read More

  • Will Clarke Professional Triathlete 3 x Sub 8hr Ironman

    "I’m always look forward to coming back to my Air Relax boots after a hard training day or in-between sessions. When the boot squeezes your legs hard and then releases you can really feel the fresh ..." Read More

  • Vaida Žūsinaitė Olympic Marathon Runner Marathon 2:32,50 Half 1:15,51 10k 34:05 5k 16:09

    "Marathon running is a very difficult sport. I am running twice a day, sometimes I run more than 30km per day, and more than 500km per month. Friends call me a running machine :) but I am not! I am ..." Read More

  • Colin Norris UK Professional Triathlete Itzu Tri Team

    "I have really enjoyed using the air relax boots as part of my recovery. As a professional triathlete, business owner and part time worker I often struggle to relax and recover as much as I can. Usi..." Read More

  • Martijn Dekker Dutch Professional Triathlete Itzu Tri Team

    "With Air Relax, I can work on my recovery at any time of the day. A good recovery is one of the most important elements of sports, and the element we tend to forget the most often." Read More