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frequently asked questions

Can you tell me more about Air Relax Europe?

We are Air Relax Europe and we offer specifically designed sport recovery products to the European sporting community at incredible prices. We believe recovery should form an integral part of every club, athlete, coach or physiotherapists training plan. Our team and network consists of professional triathletes, physical therapists, personal trainers, coaches and nutritional consultants combined with degrees in Molecular Medicine, Engineering and Physiology so you can rely on our expertise to bring you the best in sports recovery and treatment technology. Air Relax Europe, located in Ireland, is the only authorised seller and distributor of Air Relax products within the European market and we pride ourselves with excellent customer service, competitively priced products and a product guarantee you can trust!

Who is the Dynamic Compression Recovery system for?

Air Relax designed its sport recovery system based on clinically proven methods to increase an athlete’s circulation, reduce fatigue and soreness and improve their performance. We strive to keep our prices competitive such that our recovery device can be an essential part of every club’s, athlete’s, coach’s training regime or a physiotherapist’s service to sport orientated clients.

Why should I use Dynamic Compression Therapy?

For athletes who take their sport seriously, muscles soreness can be a reoccurring issue. Intense training can cause muscle tissue inflammation and a build-up of lactic acid and other metabolic waste products. This build up can lead to a dip in performance and an increase in fatigue. Your body will naturally work to remove these products however this process takes time. This is where Air Relax can help athletes reduce their recovery time and enable them to get back to peak performance quicker, by mimicking and enhancing the body’s natural means of recovery, in a convenient, passive way. Unlike stretching or foam rolling, an Air Relax recovery session can be carried out while reading a book, watching TV or taking a nap, all while the system works on all the muscles in your entire limb, or just a specific area you select. In addition you can also set the specific mode of function you require or pressure level you want that day, making your Air Relax recovery session unique to your specific needs. Intermittent compression technology is not new, and has been thoroughly tested and refined over a number of decades. Many studies have shown the positive effects this type of recovery can have on athlete’s performance. Hence we believe every athlete, coach or physiotherapist should incorporate the Air Relax Recovery system in their daily training or conditioning routine.

What are the benefits of the Air Relax Compression Recovery system?

Besides the overall benefits of improved range of motion, reducing fatigue, relieving soreness and stiffness and improving blood and oxygen circulation, consider these beneficial training points:
• Reduce Injury Risk and Fatigue - Intermittent pneumatic compression removes waste product and helps reduce injury risk and delayed onset muscle soreness known as DOMS
• Train Harder and More - Regular compression therapy after training has been shown to significantly increase performance in both sport and everyday fitness
• Recover Faster - Reduce lactic acid build up and boost oxygen distribution to significantly speed up recovery times
• Easy, Convenient and Comfortable - Recover from the comfort of your own home, no need to leave the house and pay for massages services. This device is the most comfortable way to recover and shake fatigue
• Increase Range of Motion – Just 15 minutes of compression therapy has been shown to improve an athlete’s range of motion and flexibility, a key part of physical fitness
• Improve Performance - The combines benefits of compression therapy (promotes blood circulation, oxygen distribution, helps clear lactic acid, reduces muscles soreness, stiffness and fatigue) makes it an essential part of every athlete’s and club’s regime

How long should a recovery compression session be?

• We recommend between 15-45 minutes per session every other day or after training sessions to enjoy the full benefits of dynamic compression therapy. Always listen to your body or advice from coaching or medical professionals.

Do you deliver to my country?

We deliver to all countries across the European continent via tracked courier service. If you’re ordering from outside of Europe, please contact us (team@air-relax.eu) and we’ll be able to check delivery options for you.

What is the 30 day money back guarantee?

When you place your order with us, you’re in safe hands. The 30 day money back guarantee means you can return your order back to us and we’ll refund your purchase no questions asked. In other words if you change your mind, are not entirely satisfied with our products or any other reason, simply contact us via email (team@air-relax.eu) and we will give you details to send it back and once received will issue you with a refund. Please note that the 30 day money back guarantee only applies to some of our products and others are limited to 14 day money back guarantee. It is stated on the product page whether it has a 14 or 30 day money back guarantee. Products must be returned in their original condition (i.e. not damaged or broken) and packaging.

Can I return the product?

Yes you have 14 or 30 days (differs per product category) from the date of purchase to return your order to us and receive a refund under our money back guarantee (provided the product is returned in the original condition i.e. not damaged or broken). Please email us (team@air-relax.eu) with your purchase order details and we will provide you with return details.

Can I pay in monthly instalments?

Yes you can split your total order cost over (up to) 6 monthly payments by selecting the Splitit payment option at the checkout. There is no credit check, 0% interest, no fees. Simply pay with your credit card and select the number of monthly instalments you’d like to make. Learn more by clicking this link

How long is the warranty?

Each of our products comes with a standard 24 month manufacturer warranty so if your product is broken or doesn’t function as it should, due to a technical problem malfunction or damaged part, we will either repair the product or send you a replacement. In the unlikely event of your product failing or malfunctioning, please email us (team@air-relax.eu) with the issue you’re experiencing and your order details. The 2-year warranty does not cover accidental damage or misuse. It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange shipment of your package to our location.

How many Pressure levels does Air Relax System have?

Pressure range is 0-230 mmHG. There are 4 pressure levels, which can be selected by pressing the button during operation. There is no benefit to squeezing too hard.

Can I use my Air Relax Leg Cuffs on other parts of my body?

You can use your leg cuffs on the legs only. Please do not use on your hands or other parts of your body. Please use other accessories like an Arm cuff or Shorts to massage your arms / waist / lower back / glutes / torso / hips.

Are there any side effects of using the Air Relax System?

It is recommended to use not more than 3 times a day for 15 minutes. Do not exceed the recommended time! There are no side effects, unless you use it more that it's recommended.

Should I consult my doctor before using the Air Relax System?

Our system is designed for your personal use and is not intended to replace any health professional care. However, if you have any medical condition, it would be best to consult your doctor before using.

Is the Air Relax System safe for children?

It is not safe for children. Please keep your device away from children.

My Air Relax System is not working.

Check if it is a power failure. Wait until power is on. Check if power cord connected, plug it in if not. The device is checked (plugged in) prior to shipping.

My Air Relax System stopped working during operation.

Press ON/OFF button again. The machine is designed to run a full 15 minutes session.

Can I use a voltage converter?

We recommend purchasing the correct power voltage. 110 volts for US customers and 220 volts for Europe. Some converters only convert the voltage. In some countries both the voltage and frequency is required. Please make sure you are aware of the Voltage and hertz (frequency) for your location. Using the incorrect power converter can damage your machine and is not covered under warranty.

The chambers are compressing in the wrong order.

Try to flip the hose plug around that goes into the air socket. You would normally see the word “TOP” after plugging it into the air socket. Plug it in with the word top on the bottom.

How do I use the Compression Shorts?

Put the shorts on while standing, and before turning on the system lay down. We recommend mode C at a medium pressure level to begin with and once you feel comfortable change the pressure level to suit your needs.

To which countries do you deliver?

We use tracked courier services like UPS and TNT to deliver to the following countries: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia (FYROM), Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom (UK)

Do I have to pay VAT?

Our product prices are listed inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) which applies for sales to customers within the European customs union. VAT can be excluded for residents outside of Europe or countries such as Switzerland, Norway, or Iceland. We may also exempt VAT under Article 138 of Council Directive 2006/112//EC for businesses registered with the European Union with a valid VAT number (this does not apply to businesses registered in Ireland). Please email (team@air-relax.eu) us with your order and shipping details to complete a VAT exclusive purchase.

What is the difference between A.R, PLUS and PRO Air Relax System?

The A.R system is our original Air Relax system and is a perfect compression therapy system for athletes, clubs and physiotherapists seeking to incorporate convenient, effective recovery at an affordable price.
The PLUS system is a newer compressor unit with several upgrades. An A/C adaptor (100-240V) enables its use in any country regardless of the voltage supply. Also the compression modes and session time have been upgraded along with the ability to use a rechargeable battery pack to use the system remotely.
The PRO system is the ultimate recovery system available on the market with the best features and functions one could require. This compression therapy device is our latest designed system which has been developed with the same dedication and attention for detailsas athletes put into their training, race or game. It is the most premium compression therapy system athletes, physiotherapist, or clubs may seek.

Can I use Compression Therapy / When NOT to use Compression Therapy?

Please carefully read our contraindications.

DO NOT USE the Air Relax Recovery system if you have any of the following conditions:
• Inflammation, Infection, Pain of unknown origin, Internal or External Bleeding, any Wounds, Lesions, Tumours , Bone Fractures or Dislocation at or near site of application
• Acute Pulmonary Oedema
• Acute Thrombophlebitis
• Acute Infections
• Deep Vein Thrombosis
• Episodes of Pulmonary Embolism
• Acute Congestive Cardiac Failure
• Or any condition where increased Venous & Lymphatic Return is undesirable
• You are pregnant

Please consult your doctor before using the Air Relax Recovery system if you have any of the following conditions:
• You have a cardiac pacemaker
• You have an implant at or near the site of application
• You feel weak
• You suffer from Diabetes (Types I & II)

Please stop use immediately & consult your doctor if you develop any of the following symptoms:
• You feel weak, light headed, or faint
• You show signs of peripheral nerve compression such as pain, tingling, numbness and muscle weakness

Start Using the Air Relax System from the lowest pressure, and increase gradually until you’ve reached a pressure you are comfortable with. This product is for personal home use only and is not for use as a medical device.

How long does delivery take?

We ship orders Monday to Friday via tracked courier delivery service such as UPS, TNT or other reliable couriers. Once your order has been prepared you will receive a tracking code via email to monitor the delivery to your address. Generally delivery takes 3 to 5 working days but some countries/ locations may take longer. The delivery time is subject to the courier service, weather, transport and other conditions which may affect or delay the delivery.

If you require urgent / express delivery (which may take 2 business days), please contact us via email: team@air-relax.eu and we will try to arrange express delivery for you. This is subject to a surcharge (depending on country and location) and courier collection times.


  • More pneumatic compression versus other brands
  • Competitively priced compared to the market
  • Promotes blood circulation and oxygen distribution
  • Recover faster and accelerate warm-up
  • User friendly, convenient and comfortable
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Improve your performance!
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    Intermittent pneumatic compression removes waste product and helps reduce injury risk and delayed onset muscle soreness known as DOMS


    Regular compression therapy after training has been shown to significantly increase performance in both sport and everyday fitness


    Reduce lactic acid buildup and boost oxygen distribution to significantly speed up recovery times